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Symposium on medical applications of lasers 

Moscow, July 5 - July 6, 2010

The Symposium will be held within the framework of the 14th International Conference " Laser Optics 2010 "(St. Petersburg June 28 - July 02,, 2010) and is devoted to the last advances in the field of laser medicine. The Symposium is organized by the General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences, and Center of Laser Technology and Material Science. The General Physics Institute was founded by the Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Alexander Prokhorov well known as the inventor of the laser and one of the initiators of laser medicine. Symposium will take place in Moscow right after the Conference in St. Petersburg.
Chairman: Prof. Ivan Shcherbakov
Program Committee 
Co-Chairmans.–Denker B., Teodorovich O 
Altshuler  (USA)
Artyushenko V(Russia)
Atkov O. (Russia)
Avramov L. (Bulgaria)
Bulgakova N. (Russia)
Garnov S. (Russia)
Geinitz A. (Russia)
Ivanov A. (Russia)
Herczku I.(Hungary)
Kochiev D. (Russia)
Konov V.(Russia)
Kompanets O. (Russia)
Kovsh B. (Russia)
Kuznetsov A. (Russia)
Loschenov (Russia)
Nerobeev A. (Russia)
Ochkin V(Russia)
Panchenko V. (Russia)
Priezzhev A(Russia).
Petermann K.(Germany)      
Sokolov.V. (Russia)
Smirnov V. (Russia)
Steiner R.(Germany)
Shugailov I. (Russia)
Takhchidi Kh.(Russia)
Tsvetkov V. (Russia)
Tuchin V. (Russia)
Vartapetov S. (Russia)
Wang Q. (China)
Organizing Committee
Chairman - Pustovoy V. (Russia)
Gruzdev N. ( Russia)
Khakamova N. (Russia)
Khavaev V. (Russia)
Lymshev M.(Russia)
Lagiev M. (Russia)
Mineev A. (Russia)
Zubov B. (Russia)
Advanced Laser Systems for Medicine Chairman: Vartapetov S. Petermann K.
Gas-discharge lasers, Solid-state lasers, Femtosecond lasers, Fiber lasers, Semiconductor lasers 
Laser Tissue Interaction Chairman: Loshchenov V. Steiner R.
Puls laser-tissue interaction; Laser-nanoparticle-tissue interaction; Photodynamic therapy; Laser hyperthermia.
Optical Biomedical Diagnostics Chairman: Smirnov V. Sokolov V.
Fluorescence spectroscopy and imaging; CARS microscopy; Multiphoton imaging and tomography; Diode laser spectroscopy; Terahertz diagnostics; Optical coherent tomography; Optical Difuson Tomography
Clinical Laser Applications Chairman: Geinitz A Teodorovich O. Avramov L.
Ophthalmology; Urology; Otolaryngology; Neurosurgery; Gynaecology; Cardiology; Gastroenterology; Dermatology; Aesthetic surgery; Orthopaedics; Pulmonology; Phlebology, Oncology
The technical program will include invited, oral and poster presentations. 
The official language of the symposium is English.
Symposium fee is € 200.00 (€ 150, if paid before May 5, 2010) 
Student fee is € 50 
Tutorial courses
    • Mechanisms of laser tissue interaction
    • Laser lithotripsy
    • Fiber medical instrument: surgical and diagnostic applications
    • Photodynamic Therapy and Fluorescence Diagnosis: apparatus and methods
Hand-on training
Get a real experience with the impact of different medical laser equipment on bio tissues. Thanks to our industrial partners, you will, for example, vaporize, remove and coagulate tissue. Learn more about laser fiber employment and handling.
Contacts: pustovoy@nsc.gpi.ru  тел. (499) 132 62 32